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Welcome to Doris's Devilishly Delicious Curry #TripleDC

We want to spread the love & heritage of 'Devil's Curry'. It's not just another curry, It's the explosive unique flavour that distinguishes itself from the Rest & Yet it brings everyone together!!

Devil's Curry

also known as “Curry Debal” or “ Kari Debal”, is an iconic heritage dish with over hundreds year of history from the Kristang/Serani (Portuguese Eurasian) Community here in Malaysia and Singapore. Arguably one of the region’s best kept secrets, it was used to preserve post-celebration leftovers. But, the Rempah(spice paste) was so flavoursome, It became a hot favourite amongst Eurasian families and evolved into a star attraction at family feasts. Over the years, the name 'Curry Debal' had morphed into 'Devil’s curry' due to the similarity in sound but also because a fair amount of chilies were added for flavour and colour. No MSG and MILK PRODUCTS are used in our 'Curry Debal' at #TripleDC. We use only the finest fresh, natural aromatics and spices in our recipe, as handed down to us by our Grandma. No longer using leftovers, Premium Quality meat from Huber's Butchery & Rudi's Fine Food together with our Grandma's recipe are used to produce a wholesome yet addictive gastronomic experience. At #TripleDC, for our new friends & family, we have created a MILD version for the tingling taste bud to enjoy 'Devil's Curry' without FEAR! By removing the chili seeds bit by bit with love. Come visit us in-store to rediscover the hidden gem in Singapore!

Prawn Bostador

Another highly sought after and well known heritage dish in the community. So What is Bostador? It's actually Creole Portuguese for 'SLAP', as you're going to feel like you've been slapped by its explosive taste! Creole Portuguese, known as Kristang locally in Singapore, is a type of Portuguese spoken by the Eurasian community in Singapore and Malaysia. Succulent Prawns infused with the exotic flavours of lemongrass, turmeric and spicy coconut milk, along with our Grandma’s Secret Rempah…a MUST TRY aromatic dish! Green Sambal for the unique refreashing taste OR Red Sambal for the unique spicy taste, SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT!